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Snapchat Selfie Filters


Robert Peck, an analyst for Suntrust bank, believes that Snapchat is far from just another social media platform and argues that it will become the first social augmented reality platform. Snapchat had already made its mark on social media platforms by incorporating disappearing messaging and picture features when it began introducing even more cutting-edge features like ‘selfie filters’. These filters, masks or graphics are superimposed over the front-facing camera in smart-phones to create memorable pictures or gifs. The company began the project when they bought a Ukrainian company called Looksery for $150 million.



Introducing New World Lenses


In April 2017, Snapchat launched its own version of a simplified augmented reality tool. The innovative program, called New World Lenses, allows users to insert designs, graphics and masks into their rear-facing camera. The graphics are superimposed over the real-life images, and the filters change daily. One Snapchat lens celebrating Cinco de Mayo, which was sponsored by Taco Bell, was viewed over 224 million times in one day.



The Technology Behind the Mask


The technology being used behind-the-scenes to create such silly, augmented reality photographs is intriguing once the average user realizes how the process works. Snapchat has tried to keep the public away from asking too many questions, but the technology’s patent is available for anyone to research. The process requires the smartphone’s camera to detect your individual facial features to place the graphic in the correct place. The capabilities of this program relies on the millions of data-points received by millions of anonymous images of human faces. Each time an individual plays with Snapchat's augmented reality filters, they are contributing to the advanced algorithms and improving the facial recognition database's capabilities. Read more information about snapchat hack come visit us at our site.